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Member: Ina

Born: 1970

Bike: Yamaha XV1100 Virago

Member since: 8th November 2014


I got my licence in 2009, after years of riding on the back of an ex-boyfriend.

As I did not want to be depending on anyone to be able to ride, I went to school. The first bike I bought were a Honda CBR600, witch I did not really feel comfortable riding. Racer style just wasn't me. My back hurt, the wind took it and y legs were too short.

Inas CBR600 My Honda CBR600

So the bike were changed to a Yamaha XV1100 Virago when I met Curly. He convinced me to try a Virago, and I were sold immediately. So I bought it and Curly helped med customizing it - just the way I liked it. He has been my baby Viggo ever since.

Inas XV1100 before The XV1100 when I bought it
Inas XV1100 in the shop Customizing the XV1100
Inas XV1100 after The "new" Viggo
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