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Member: Lost

Born: 1961

Bike: 1990 Yamaha XV1100 Virago

Member since: 6th October 2007


In '99 I bought my first bike, a 535 which got me around for 2 years. I joined VSOC where I met the people I still ride with today.

In 2001 I bought an 1100. And after spending at lot of hours in different rally bars with the Outriders, I decided to join.

Losts XV1100 My XV1100 Virago
Losts XV1100 My XV1100 Virago (other side)

I got my colours in England (still holding the record for prospect time in DK) at the Packhorse in 2007.

My nickname came to me because somehow everyone gets lost from me, even though I always know where I am.

In 2008 I heard that Bruno had decided to sell his Wildstar and I decided to buy it, because in the Outriders DK the smallest people ride the biggest bikes!

Losts Wildstar Two bikes in one: My new one and Bruno's old one

In 2011 I had to sell the Wildstar and I am now back on the good old XV1100.

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