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Member: Betina

Born: 1971

Bike: '13 Harley Davidson Iron 883

Member since: 18th July 2015


My biker life started quite early. When I was about 11, I started stealing my brothers Puch Maxi, which was made as illegal as possible. Just feeling the wind in the face and hear the roar from the pipes – which sounded like a jet plane that was starting – that was the ultimate feeling of freedom.

When I was about 17 I began driving Moto-cross, first a Suzuki 125cc, after that a Yamaha 125cc. Then many years passed without riding a bike, I only rode my beloved horses.

In 2013 I met IronButt and started sitting on his backseat (amongst other things :P) – but it was so boring, that I fell asleep many times (sitting on the backseat) so nothing else to do, but getting my own license and my own bike.

In May 2014, I got a Yamaha Virago XV750. IronButt rebuild it, so it ended up looking quite cool – in my opinion ☺.
BUT I couldn’t help falling in love with Harley Davidson. I tried an Iron 883 and was sleepless for days trying to find enough good reasons to sell my very fine Virago, and replace it with the Iron AND put myself in a huge debt. I didn’t buy it – at that time.
One year later, I had a buyer to my Virago – and the Iron I tried one year earlier, still wasn’t sold, so I bought it. Therefore, it took a year from trying it until it was in our garage ☺.

Even though my Iron is very fine, it was heartbreaking to sell my Virago – I cried like a baby (maybe also acted like one!) Luckily the new owner, are so happy, and are taking good care of my good old Virago.

Betinas Virago My ’95 Yamaha Virago XV750
Betinas Iron My ’13 Harley Davidson Iron 883
Betina amp; IronButt Me and my biggest love
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