Picture of Chrome

Member: Chrome

Born: Not so long ago

Bike: Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide

Member since: 9th June 2006

Officer: Vice

I started riding a bike when I, at the age of 17, bought my first one.

After spending 6-8 years and an unknown number of women in an attempt to start a family like everybody else, I finaly realized that I wouldn't succed!

I bought a Yamaha XV750 Special instead.

Picture of Chromes XV750 Special Yamaha XV750 Special

After numerous alterations, a LOT of chroming (hence my nick name) and many rallies all over Europe, a new bike was needed.

Picture of Chromes XV1600 Wild Star Yamaha XV1600 Wildstar

XV1600 "Wild Thing" - and off cause it needed a few alterations too.

Picture of Chromes XV1600 Wild Star in France "Wild Thing" in France

After many great hours together, "Wild Thing" had to go, and a new bike entered my life.

Picture of Chromes Wide Glide Me and my Harley Davidson Wide Glide
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