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Member: Notsven

Born: 1958

Bike: Yamaha XVZ1300 Venture Royale

Member since: 20th July 2003


At age 15, in 1973, I had my first two wheels with engine. An Everton with a 50cc Minarelli engine, topspeed around 60km/h. with my own modifications.

Notsvens Everton Could have been mine - looks pretty much like it.

Some 3 years later I got my license and my first real bike, a Honda CB350 Twin - a great little bike with sufficient power for a 18year old.

The bike had drum brakes on both wheels, and more than one time I overheated the front brake. Luckily for me I discovered this driving straight, so I could just skip the turn and continue.

Notsvens Honda CB350 A yellow version, mine was green.

Not so fortunate was my brother in law to be. An early morning in a little village he tried to part a Mini - the Mini won, killing Johan.

It was 13 years until I drove a bike again. During summer holidays on the Greek Islands I started driving small offroaders with Sophie on the backseat. The Kawasaki KLX250 being the preferred bike.

Kawazaki 250 Not exactly greek beaches - but.

And I found out that I love it as much as I used to. But there had to be another accident, smaller though, before I bought a bike again. Someone banged into the side of my old Opel, and I got a little insurance money for it. So I went out and bought a Yamaha XT250 j

Notsvens Yamaha XT250 In white livery – I had the red edition.

Just to see if daily bike driving, considering the climate, was something for me, now. It was, and the XT was upgraded to winterbike and a XV535 was bought at an import shop, it was the ´87 model with almost no fuel tank (under the seat), so it was always tedious to ride with me because I had to refuel all the time. It was also too small for me, I mean I could almost use the front wheel bolts as highway pegs.

Notsvens Yamaha XV535 Virago Summer of ´95 I guess.

It was traded, at the same shop for a ´85 XV1000 Gold Edition. That was something else, lots of torque, low rpm, loud exhaust, that was me. I rode it for almost 10 years.

Notsvens Yamaha XV1000 Virago At the Virago Club Denmark - General Assembly 2001 – after a serious makeover.

Then I got lucky ;-) I met Regitze. We took the bike to Italy in the summer of 2004 and found out that packing the hole shebang for two people on a Virago was quite difficult. Besides, the backseat is not designed for tall people. As Regitze didn't want to drive herself, the consequence was that Vigga had to go.

I found an ´86 ( wee a year newer !) XVZ1300 Venture Royale in Holland, did a little paint and brush up on it, and it still suits our needs.

Notsvens Yamaha XVZ1300 Venture Royale At the dealers in Holland.
Notsvens Yamaha XVZ1300 Venture Royale ... and after a makeover.

It's a little heavy in the handling, so I do miss the good old Virago from time to time.

Notsvens new bike My new bike.

Best one ever.

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