Picture of Rolle

Member: Rolle

Born: Yes

Bike: Harley Davidson Sportster 883/1200C

Member since: 13th June 2009


Used to be a tank driver and motorcycle ordonans in the army.

Been a menace on the roads since 1975 - heavily encouraged by my dear late mother.

Who, by the way, forced me to attend Coca Cola parties dressed in a black leather jacket, to prevent me from wasting my time hanging on street corners whistling at the cheeky girls.

Two wheelers I been riding through the years:

Rolles CX500 Honda CX500
Rolles VFR400R Honda VFR400R
Rolles CB500K Honda CB500K
Rolles TR1 Yamaha TR1
Rolle on TR1 Isn't that pretty? - the bike I mean
Rolles Harley Harley Davidson Sportster
Rolles Harley Rolle on his Harley

If you can dream it - You can do it...

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