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Member: Spir

Born: 1956

Bike: 2016 Yamaha MT-09 Tracer

Member since: 20th July 2003

Officer: President

It took me 20 years to realize that something was missing in my life!

I got my car drivers license back in 1974, and at the time I felt that a motorcycle was uncomfortably, unpractical and only for speedfreaks with a deathwish! But then in 1994 (for reasons unknown) I changed my mind and got my MC license. The only thing I regret about that decission is that it was 20 years to late!

Then in 1995 the missus and I bought a 1976 Honda CB750 Four, just to try how motorcycle riding worked for us.

1976 Honda CB750 Four Honda CB750 Four, K6/F1, 1976

Well, it worked too well! When the missus got her MC license in 1996, one bike was no longer enough!! I went out and got myself a 1992 Yamaha XV1100 Virago (US import),and the missus took over the Honda.

After many miles on the road with the '92 Virago I sold it and bought a brand new 1999 XV1100 Virago. That's my primary bike today - when it runs!

2 Yamaha XV1100 Viragos Yamaha XV1100 Viragos - Front: 1999 - Back: 1992

One month and 8.500 km on a rented bike in Australia in 2003, led me to buy yet another bike: a 2001 Yamaha XT600E! This is a real fun bike to ride - it goes everywhere!

Yamaha XT600E My Yamaha XT600E

In 2016, after 130.000km, the XT600E started to look a little tired, and it wasn't that dependable anymore, so when the opportunity arose, I bought a Yamaha MT-09 Tracer. Handles like a dream - love it!

Yamaha MT-09 Tracer Yamaha MT-09 Tracer

I'll be back I'll be back!
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